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Nothing quite grabs the attention of a potential customer like a quality, attention-grabbing video like the one above. Getting someone's attention with a video in the first second is vital, a viewer needs to be stopped in their tracks as their scrolling by, and nothing does that quite like a well-crafted video.

Wornstar Media uses the latest in video capturing devices, along with quality audio, then we edit it all together with the latest in the industry's editing software, along with titling and your company's logo. Want a little flair? We can help you with that too!

Promo Video in Winnipeg

Looking to highlight a particular product? Wornstar Media can help you with that. Have a look at this video shot completely from scratch using sliders and stability, then edited together using editing software that incudes an effect called 'speed-ramping'. Notice how the video is edited to the beat of the royalty free music?

Promotional Music Videos

If you have a band in the Winnipeg area and are looking at putting together a promotional video to help promote your band Wornstar Media can help you with that. Whether you're look for a simple live video recording with multiple camera angles or a fancy promo video like you see here contact Wornstar Media to start talking about what we can do for you!

Time Lapse Promotional Video

1,500 individual shots went into the production of this short Promo Video in Winnipeg for our customers at Northgate Shopping Centre in Winnipeg, ideal for use as a cover video on a Facebook Page.

Different Formats

Social Media is becoming complex, some platforms will put you at the top of their ranks in their algorithms if you support all of their current efforts. Instagram 'Stories' have grown in popularity and nothing grabs an audience's attention like a video.

Promotional Video

If you're really looking to share a message to let your potential customers know about what to expect with your business Wornstar Media can put it all together in a Promotional Video, like the one shown here of our friends at Kingswood Golf & Country Club. In this video you'll find a mix of slow motion and time lapse photography to really grab an audience's attention.

Grab Their Attention!

A video really has to grab a potential customer's attention to make them take notice. Wornstar Media uses trendy titling, scene transitions and royalty free music to make anyone stop their scrolling for a look.

Music Video

Want to take your music video production to the next level? Wornstar Media can help you with that. Have a look at this video and notice that the singer is singing in real time but in slow motion at the same time! Gives the video a professional and interesting look and feel.

Call-Out Titles

Wornstar Media can use Call-Out Titles in their Social Media Marketing in to highlight different things in their videos. Notice how the titles follow the item on the video with the use of Position Tracking with Premiere Pro.

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